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Engage Visitors With Augmented Reality

You can use an AR person or an object close to or inside your premises. Taking an AR photo attracts customers and promotes your business on social media.

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How To Attract More Visitors With Minimal Costs?

01. Get and place an AR object

The object will be integrated into the environment of your location and will look natural on the mobile device's screen.  

02. Promote

The ability to see an AR object and take a memorable photo engages new visitors, provides additional excitement and fan and differentiates you from the competitors.

Users will be notified and see the new location on the map. Create an exciting story about your event using the AR object to promote in the app and social networks. Use a barcode link so visitors who don't have MemoShot can quickly download it.

03. Use Social Media

MemoShot encourages users to share photos with your AR object on social media, with the location where the photo was taken and links to your website or social page.

04. Get More Visitors

Thanks to social networks, more people will know about your place or event and be encouraged to visit and take photos there. This increases engagement and the number of customers with a lower acquisition cost!

Be The First

AR technology provides an opportunity to use modern creative solutions for communication with customers. Leave the competitors behind!


MemoShot Benefits


The cost of acquiring new visitors is significantly lower than traditional physical facilities.


AR objects are easily modified, unlike physical ones. You always have an opportunity to offer customers something new and exciting.


MemoShot builds audiences of visitors who share photos from your place. You can utilise this for various digital marketing activities like remarketing.

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MemoShot is a game-changing solution for the advertising and tourism industry.


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